Buena Lanes

Building a responsive website for a local bowling alley

Self-directed with feedback from mentor and peers

My Role
UX / UI Designer

Sketch App, Invision, and Photoshop

March 2019, 2 weeks

Responsive Prototype


In order to build an online presence, Buena Lanes wants to launch a brand-new website that show cases everything the bowling center has to offer.  

This is a speculative project, and I am not affiliated with Buena Lanes.

Design Brief

There are an estimated 5,400 bowling alleys in the US. Because of the decline in interest in bowling.

One of the key factor that differentiates bowling alleys that succeed vs bowling alleys that fail, are how they manage to attract foot traffic during their open play. Which explains why bowling centers have now shifted their focus on recreational bowlers instead of league bowlers. Because of this change in business approach Buena Lanes wants to update and launch a brand new responsive website that will attract more recreational bowlers.

Interested in My Design Process? 

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Next Steps

Although we can always do more additional usability testing, as it stands the prototype is ready to be handed off.

  • Build out the rest of the website and do additional testing if needed
  • Use a hand off tool such as Zeplin in order to prep my design before giving it to developers.
  • Stay in close communications in order to help developers and see the design through it's entire process


From the strict two week timeline, to the main website not having much information to base my design off of, this project definitely had some challenges starting out. But with a little perseverance I am happy to have end my project with a design that I am proud of. Some things I’ve learned during this project was improving my skills in responsive web design, designing around an existing brand and setting a strict schedule for myself in order to meet deadlines.