Designing a motorcycle maintenance app

Self-directed with feedback from mentor and peers

My Role
UX / UI Designer

Sketch App, Marvel, Illustrator, and Photoshop

April 2019, 2 weeks

Iphone App Prototype


MotoTech is an app for motorcyclist. The main functions, is that it helps users keep a close eye on their bike’s maintenance schedules from oil changes, battery replacement, chain maintenance, and even suspension checks.

Design Brief

Unlike a car, a motorcycle requires more consistent maintenance in order to be in full working condition. If not serviced regularly, the safety and reliability of the vehicle can be jeopardized. Which in turn can cost riders, more money or even worse, put their lives at risk.

Interested in My Design Process? 

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Final Prototype

Using the platform Invision, I was able to create a final prototype in order to prepare for developer handoff. Feel free to interact with the final results down below.

UI Kit

During the process of developing the high fidelity wireframe and prototype, I maintained a UI Kit during my design process to document UI elements and patterns for future reference. If I was to collaborate with other designers this UI kit would help ensure that all the UI elements stay consistent.

Next Steps

Conduct research with other target groups, such as younger riders and female riders.

  • Design wireframes for other features
  • Gather additional usability testing data from target users
  • Continue organizing design deliverables for handoff


Initially in the beginning of this project I thought this would be a relatively “simple and straightforward app.“ But as the project continued I realized I was very much wrong, and even very “simple apps“ have a lot of things that must be addressed in order to produce an app suitable for it’s target audience.  

One major lesson I took away from this project was the ability to break down a problem and address each issue one at a time. This simplified the problem into manageable pieces to which I was able to subsequently solve.