Adding social features to an existing app

Self-directed with feedback from mentor and peers

My Role
UX / UI Designer

Sketch App, Marvel, and Photoshop

March - April 2019, 2 weeks

Iphone App Prototype


Design a prototype of additional features that improve user engagement, integrated seamlessly within the rest of the Spotify mobile app.

This is a speculative project, and I am not affiliated with Spotify.

Design Brief

Spotify’s mission is “to help people listen to whatever music they want, whenever they want, wherever they want—in a completely legal and accessible way.”

As a streaming music service, Spotify is leading the industry. Despite that, they want to improve engagement and retention in the app by expanding on their social capabilities.

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UI Kit

While prototyping, I maintained a UI kit in order to document UI elements and patterns for future reference. Although many of the UI elements were based off of Spotify’s existing design, I had to recreate everything from scratch inside Sketch.

Next Steps

As the project stands, further testing would provide opportunities to further refine the added features and assess the impact it has on the users and Spotify.

  • Work with developers to identify any technical limitations
  • Conduct research that would predict engagement levels of the new features
  • Monitor engagement levels when feature is live


Like many project encountered in the real world I was tasked to improve an already existing product. This requires a fundamentally different approached compared to creating a new product from scratch.
Because Spotify already had a matured and sophisticated product, identifying areas where the app could be improved was a challenge. But by first defining the problem and identifying the core users I was able to overcome this challenge.

Throughout this project I also learned that by working with an already establish brand, it is critical that designers pay careful attention and ensure that their designs carefully follow the existing branding guidelines. This helps ensure a smooth and seamless user experience throughout the entire product.