Step Ahead

Revamping a Non-Profit's Logo

Myself and the Founder

My Role

Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch

June - November, 6 months

Revised Logo


Redesign and breathe new light into Step Ahead's logo while ensuring that the redesigned logo properly encapsulates the non-profit's brand and mission.

Design Brief

Step Ahead is an non-profit organization with the mission to transform the lives of children with autism through running. Step Ahead achieves this by utilizing their national community network of running teams led by student athletes at a variety of college campuses.

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Final Logo Design

Although fundamentally, the original and new logo look similar, there was a lot of work and thought that needed to happen in order to land upon this final design.


Due to this being my first time working with a real world client, there were many things I learned from this experience such as all of the administrative related work that goes into collaborating with others remotely.

I have also come to realize that although there are times where your best creative ideas come first, it is better not to latch on to those ideas right away. Although the final logo design was similar to one of my earlier iterations, I believe all of the logo exploration I did in between, helped with the small, yet critical details that helped elevate the logo to the next level.